Crystal Clear Overview

Crystal Clear provides a range of Non-chemical water treatment technologies for treating Borehole water, Drinking water, rain water and effluent water treatment, without chemicals. Our aim is to purify and disinfect water and reduce impact on the environment by eliminating chemical use..
MONKO Bio-Remediation without chemicals

Efficient water treatment solutions

Low cost high efficiency UV disinfection (above 5 log bacteria reduction)

Supply of Bio-remediation systems for Oil and Fuel spillages

Supply of Bio-Sanitation products for septic tanks and pit toilets

Modular in-line water sensors and transmitters from WTW Germany

Electrolytic water treatment to remove excess scale and disinfect the water without adding chemicals

Automatic self-cleaning filters to remove particles down to 2 microns

Design of processes to recycle treated effluent water efficiently

Supply of efficient aeration and mixing systems for sewage works

Supply of Solar powered lake circulation systems to eliminate toxic algae blooms

Training of clients in best practice for environmental management and auditing

Our focus is on Chemical-free processes for Treated Sewage, upgrading Sewage Works performance and treating Lakes to stop blue-green algal blooms. All these processes reduce COD, nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended solids in the water.

Excess Calcium scale in water and bacteria can be removed with the Electrolytic System that uses no chemicals. This is used for treating borehole water, river water or treated sewage water.

Crystal Clear uses self-cleaning fibre-filters that remove particles as small as 2 microns. These filters are ideal as a pre-filter for Reverse Osmosis units and removing cysts from drinking water.

A common problem of eutrification of lakes is treated using Solar-powered lake mixing and aeration units which eliminate the habitat in-which blue-green algae can grow. This ensures that eutrification is reduced and the lake returns to a functioning, balanced eco-system.

New Optic-fibre UV technology guarantees 5 log reduction of bacteria in water using efficient fibre optics light transmission, that ensure long UV lamp life and low maintenance costs. A single small foot-print unit can treat over 200 m3 per hour of water. These units meet all EPA requirements for zero chemical disinfection processes, with zero waste production.

Basic Sanitation improvement with job creation Crystal Clear supplies bio-treatment products for sewage in rural areas. The distribution of this Bio-cleaner product and training end-users is done by community people.

Fuel and oil bio-remediation on soil and water can be achieved with biological products converting the pollution to compost by-products.