Sustainable products for Water & Sanitation treatment
Eliminate Health hazards and Odour issues from ALL Sewage systems
Water purification without Chemicals or Electricity
Guaranteed water Disinfection with powerful UV Light
Accurate, low maintenance Water Quality Monitoring
Reliable iron removal from water
Crystal Clear Consulting provide non-chemical water treatment technologies for treating borehole water, drinking water, process water, lagoon water and effluent water treatment.

Sustainable water purification technology without chemicals for Municipal, Mining, Industry and Domestic requirements

We help you save water and increase your ability to recycle water by:

Supply of the leading edge Atlantium high integrity HOD-UV disinfection systems (above 5 log bacteria reduction)

Supply of the WTW, XYLEM online water quality monitoring systems for fresh and sewage water. Now with Remote Access from Cell Phone to operate the monitoring system.

Supply of MONKO® Bio-remediation products for Oil and Fuel spillage and recycle to compost byproducts

Supply of MONKO® Bio-Sanitation products for septic tanks and pit toilets

NanoKleen® Domestic water purifiers that don’t use electricity

Electrolytic water treatment to remove excess scale and disinfect the water without adding chemicals

Automatic self-cleaning filters to remove particles down to 2 microns

Supply of efficient aeration and mixing systems for sewage works

Supply of Solar powered lake circulation systems to eliminate toxic algae blooms

NanoKleen Purifier

Eco Friendly Crystal Clear

At Crystal Clear we believe being Eco friendly means we help the environment and people without using chemicals or toxins. We offer solutions for cleaning based on Nano-Filtration and other filtration technologies. We also offer micro-organisms water and soil treatment after toxic spills and technologies that facilitate the multiplication of friendly organisms.

Crystal Clear – Water purification without chemicals

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